Aaryn Belfer is a writer, essayist, certified copy editor, published photographer and inventor of verbs. A skilled copywriter, feature writer, ghost writer and content creator, she’s written everything from personal essays and book reviews to business features and corporate content. Storytelling, of all kinds, is her passion.

For more than 12 years, Aaryn wrote “Backwards and in High Heels,” a bi-weekly column at San Diego CityBeat where she also wrote content for special “Best Of” issues and served as final copy editor before each issue went to press. She is also the editor of Pact’s Point of View, a bi-yearly newsletter published by Pact, An Adoption Alliance, a non-profit organization based out of Oakland, California. Aaryn’s work has been published at KPBS, Where San Diego, The Argonaut, Pact’s Point of View and various blogs and websites.

Aaryn holds a certification in copy editing from UC San Diego and has nine-years of experience editing news copy, dissertations, literature written for academic journals and essays. Fascinated by humans in all our frailty and imperfection, Aaryn’s personal essays focuse on woman’s issues, aging, marriage, parenting, daughtering (see “inventor of verbs” above), transracial adoption, politics and race. Lighter topics have included pop-culture, celebrity, Javier Bardem and cute furry things that are not cats. Aaryn welcomes all challenges.